The Irony of Love

Love and Gravity by Samantha Sotto

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

I’m not one for time travel books or sci-fi in general because it tends to be unrealistic, but not this time. Samantha Sotto completely convinced me everything was real. The emotions were so real, so heartfelt. The pain of love was so raw and pierced through the pages of every word she wrote.

The writing style was easy although it was eloquent. Old English tends to be difficult to understand but the writer made the words flow directly to the reader’s heart, surpassing the mind. It’s not every day you come across a book and really think: “Is this real?” I think writers are good at their craft when they convince their readers that their magic trick isn’t a trick but real magic.

Well I’m not going to lie, my name being used and turned into something magical did make me feel warm and finally secure about my unusual name. Indeed an odd name for a girl to have! I’ve always been slightly insecure about my name, for two reasons: 1. Some people find it hard to pronounce, and 2. It’s a boy’s name… But in any case, I thoroughly enjoyed having my name written and used for such a beautiful girl Samantha Sotto describes.

I think anyone can relate to this. Love is universal, love is unconditional and this book teaches you what it means to really love. Love makes you selfish and greedy; it makes you human. But love is never selfish and never finds itself facing a wall. It continues, it carries on, regardless whether or not the person you love is yours. Your love continues, it never fades. It’s painful but that’s when you know it’s real.

The ending, my goodness THE ENDING! It was just completely heartbreaking and yet it shows you what love really means. I honestly don’t usually read romance and while I waited for the publication date of this book, I was really hesitant to read it. For the sole purpose of having the word LOVE part of the title. I instantly recoil. But somehow, Samantha Sotto was just able to capture my interest. Isaac Newton, really? I have read fairytale retellings but this book is just…it’s unexpected. I mean we all grew up groaning at the mention of Isaac Newton and the three laws of motion. And yet here is this book reminding us that Isaac was human and he was very much capable of love –regardless if it was just a story. Sometimes I forget that people are capable of real love that has no boundaries or limitations.

I also can’t believe she lives right here in the Philippines! Wow. Talk about destiny. And yet the best irony in reading Love and Gravity is that I don’t believe in destiny. This book will make you believe even in things that don’t make sense. Because love requires no logic or reason. It only requires a leap of faith.