My name is Andrea Ferrer, I’m a poet and this is my journal. I hope you feel terrible for reading it, but carry on reading it anyway because I’ve somehow caught your attention and that is consolation enough.

I’m in love with words and the art of forming bridges to make me feel less isolated –what you might call and know of as poetry. Words have become my friend, and then eventually became my lover. It would not be possible to still be standing today, if not for Words that have served as gulps of air I breathe. His tender kisses thawed the ice that is my heart; he warms my bed at night and reminds me that I am not alone; he, and only he alone, knows who I truly am and yet I know nothing about him except how to twist him into knots and cause him to bloom and unravel his petals for everyone to admire.

Some of you might’ve already stumbled upon my poetry and have thought it beautiful, but I wonder if you’ll still say the same upon reading this journal. I believe that Creativity is Crazy, and with that said I hope you’re prepared for a glimpse inside the deranged mind of a poet with an unconventional way of thinking. Or perhaps you’ll find yourself nodding your head and saying, “Why yes Andrea, I feel exactly the same way!” If ever this is the case, then I congratulate you and welcome you with hospitable arms, my friend. And on the “off” chance that you have yet to read any of my poetry, well then what are you waiting for? You can find my poetry at: Jotting Thoughts where I contribute to.

When I’m not writing, I’d likely be reading. I won’t forget the summer I read book after book and since then have been a paramore I turned to when inspiration is deprived from me. I enjoy talking about books and writing reviews with the hopes of convincing you all to go through the same journey I have.

I would hope you enjoy reading my journal and crave to know more. For when we yearn for knowledge, that is when we become wise enough to grow.

Love always.




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