See You in the Cosmos by Jack Cheng

Rating: 4 stars

First of, thank you PenguinRandomHouse UK Children’s for giving me an advanced reader’s copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I was honestly a bit anxious for the writer because it was written in a first person perspective and that doesn’t always work out; it’s very limiting in a way. However Jack Cheng did an awfully good job at changing voices and honestly the overall idea of it being recordings is just brilliant! Although I must admit, I had to skip a few passages that felt a bit too irrelevant but well you know it being an eleven-year-old’s point of view, there’s bound to be some blabbering.

Alex is very sweet and innocent as you’d expect eleven-year-olds to be. But more than that, the author manages to bring in the whole universe –which in turn, makes See You in the Cosmos a very fitting title.

This book just makes you want to smile and hope that things will be okay. It just paints nostalgia as bright as the stars on a clear night. I felt eleven again, back when everything was all just questions no one was willing to answer and so it was always an adventure to find the answers on your own. For me this is what childhood is. The reality is that things aren’t what it seems to be and it’s very important to never lose our inner child who sees the world in 4D.

One good thing to note is that Alex is half-Filipino. Definitely raised an eyebrow at his aye yai yai expression…I mean I don’t think we Filipinos do that??? Hahaha but in any case, I got a bit curious as to why the author chose to make Alex half-Filipino as opposed to being Mexican.

I give this book four stars because it was a good read. I love the cover, the characters, the life lessons; however, I felt that it was too contrived in terms of writing style. But to be fair, it’s hard to write in a child’s perspective. Children have a very precious way of seeing the world, and sometimes we lose that as time passes by.

I would recommend this to children ages 12 and beyond; for those looking for a stress-free fun read, and definitely for those who love astronomy jokes 😉

Oh and I’ll leave you with some quotes from the book that I really liked and are highlight-worthy:

”Most people give up on what they want. They’ll come across the first little obstacle and they’ll give up, and then they’ll try to tear down the people they see doing what they felt like they couldn’t.”

“Sometimes it involves that, but it’s much more than that too. There’s a part of it that’s, like, letting go. Like a sacrifice but in a good way. You trade a part of yourself for something that’s even bigger than you, and it feels good but weird at the same time. It’s totally worth it, though.”

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