My Happy Place

I’ve been having nightmares for the past few nights. So naturally, I turned to my most trusted bff –Google. You’d never believe how many possible illnesses nightmares could be a symptom of. Anyway, it mentioned possible reasons like caffeine. I won’t bother to go through other possible reasons as I’m in a denial phase right now.

Anyway! I decided to cut back on my caffeine intake. From my normal 3 cups, I successfully cut it down to only a cup a day –which of course was not easy. It did get me quite off-balance. In any case, you can take a good guess that no, it did not work. This was not the source of my nightmares.

Fast-forward to possible solutions to stopping nightmares, Google told me to think of my happy place. And I was just stuck as to where that is, or if it even exists.

I can try to think of a place I was happiest to be in when I was still a child, but those places have thus been tainted by bitter memories. So I suppose I have no choice but to imagine a fictitious place.

Perhaps it would be somewhere quiet so I can read a good book with the soft warmth of the sun brushing my toes, the smell of dew and flowers keeping me in a trance, the summer wind brushing my hair off my face, and when I close my eyes I can breathe in and tell myself “ah, this is the life!”

I was supposed to hold this imagination in my head while I kept my eyes closed. But when I tried this, while I was in my room and it was dark, and I was alone, my mind couldn’t focus enough to draw this beautiful picture inside my head and keep it there while I slept.

So naturally, I still had nightmares night after night. But eventually, they went away. I suppose not really, but I’ve successfully tired myself out to even remember or to worry about nightmares. But as I write this, my happy place seems to me like paradise. And it’s truly not asking for much, is it?

I hope to live there forever. I hope to read all the books I want. I hope to be surrounded by beauty and serenity.

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