Winter Jacket

In relation to my previous post –Exit, here’s another poem I wrote a few months ago for my blog. It’s a short journal entry, but it means quite a lot to me. It says more than I have ever said out loud.


Your shoulder is cold,
let me make it warm.

Your eyes are dead,
let me give life.

Your smile is gone,
let me replace it with mine.

In this world, it often gets cold yet few people bring their own jackets outside –thinking that it’d be warm. I never minded the cold, so I don’t mind offering them mine. But I’ll soon catch a cold, and no one will remember to visit me and wish me get well. I’ve always had a frail body and I often got sick, but that never stopped me before and neither will it ever.

It’s not wrong to be a source of warmth in this cold and harsh world. But at the same time, never forget to remember yourself. A lesson I still find hard to learn.

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