Bridges Made of Words

Poetry is created from the soul, feeds from the heart’s emotions, and spilt on paper through words. It weaves imagination through metaphors, personification and other forms of figurative language. It serves as the playground for the clever use of words with a rhythm, style, and pattern.

Poetry, for a long time has been written and enjoyed by many, especially during the nineteenth century. In the modern world, very few take the time to appreciate and engage in this art form. Many find it hard to understand and often crumple their foreheads in confusion. And to be honest, reading a Shakespearean sonnet does require a crease on my forehead and multiple times of rereading. However, poetry is easier to understand if the reader reads with the heart instead of the eyes. We understand things better when we’ve come across the exact same feeling or emotion, or thoughts and ideas we, ourselves, have thought or felt before.

Real poetry touches the heart and the soul. It reaches out to your heart and stirs emotions inside. You can call yourself a poet when you’ve mastered the art of bringing out nostalgia, déjà vu, or any sort of emotion that would connect you to random strangers; because poetry is the art of weaving interconnections with other people. Words become bridges that allow others to cross from being isolated and alone, to being understood and among their own.

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