A shelf on the far corner, a mirror hanged behind the door, a table placed near the shelves, and a bed near the window. When we’re used to certain arrangements, when we’re satisfied with certain conditions. We don’t want to change anything. We’re satisfied, we’re okay with what we have now, we’re content.

But changes insist on happening, things constantly change. We’re all stuck in a labyrinth. A maze where walls move, an endless predicament we call life. The labyrinth of suffering. We all suffer, we all have our own burdens to carry, we all have our own problems.

Some treat is as if it was lightweight, some treat it as if it weighed a ton. In reality, we determine the weights we carry. We can throw away what we don’t need. We can choose to make our burden light. But you see, it’s hard to part with our treasures. It’s hard to let go of what we were, of what was.

How do we escape the labyrinth? No one really knows. We all are forced to walk endlessly. Trying to look for the exit, trying to look for a way out. Sometimes when we’re certain we’ve found the exit, the maze changes, the walls move, and they will block your path.

Life doesn’t want you out of its endless labyrinth. Life keeps you trapped. Keeps you lost. But that doesn’t matter, because we’re all suffering the same fate. We’re in this labyrinth together, no one escapes. No one’s an exception, we’re all trapped.

We win some. We lose some. When you’ve found safety, comfort, complacence , you instantly cling to it. You see it as the life -support you need, the strength. You cling to it because it’s your only way out. Your only known. It’s the only thing you’re sure of., that’s why you hold it so tight.

Changes, will show you that life is unfair, cruel, and ruthless. It will play its endless games whether you want to play or not. And there are things we have to fight for, and there are things we have to accept.

It’s always your choice.

Think of a way out, there’s definitely a way out. You can’t be trapped in the maze forever. Don’t let yourself be trapped forever.

Find a way out.

Either you keep on walking this maze, with it’s endless paths, endless changes, endless walls, until you find a way out. Or you break the rules. Straight and fast. Break the walls and make a way out. But, it’ll be hard. Because it’s hard to accept changes, it’s hard to find yourself lost. Because when you’re lost, you’re terrified.Someone once told me that change was for the better. You can try and fight it, question it, hate it. But in the end, it’ll still happen.


Life is selfish. It keeps you in the labyrinth. It keeps you in suffering. It keeps you in the dark. It keeps you lost. It keeps you guessing. But life, has a purpose. It has lessons to teach you. It’s telling you to be stronger. It’s teaching you how to survive the labyrinth.


Because you can never live in the labyrinth. Unless you escape. Unless you find your way out, only then you can start living. There is no life in the labyrinth. Remember that it’s only temporary. It’s not your home. It’s the journey home.

Some people think that the way out of the labyrinth, is to pretend it doesn’t exist. But we’re all trapped in a labyrinth. It’s time you open your eyes and look at what’s around you. It’s time to see pass the illusions. To escape, you must accept. You must give-in. You must fight. You must try. You must forgive. You must be strong. You must escape.



Another entry I wrote two years ago, after reading John Green’s Looking for Alaska. It’s the summer I read book after book, and wrote entry after entry. At that time I haven’t written proper poetry, but this reminds me of a recent poem I wrote. More sophisticated, if I may say so myself.

Seasonal Weather

Life is complicated and sad,

      misfortunate  and flawed.

But the beauty of it,

       is that it doesn’t stay that way for long.

Wind changes direction,

       weather is unpredictable.

You can lose all hope,

        all will to go on.

You can hate it,

        and curse at the wind.

But in the end,

       you’ll have no choice but to go with it.

No choice but to stay strong,

       and keep moving on.

Life is also beautiful,

  just wait for the season to change,

       wait for another day.

And you’re in luck,

       tomorrow is another chance.

I wrote this particular poem after talking to a very close friend of mine. It was a piece of advice for her and for me. We are both going through the period in our lives where nothing is certain. We can keep making plans and hope for the best, but we also know better. Life can and never will be easy. If this is good or bad for both of us, or for everyone who feels the same way –well it’s a little of both.

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